I never cut corners on quality.

Cecilia Strüber, Machining Technician

Manufacturing and Production

Innovative products and customer-oriented solutions make Heraeus stand out throughout the world. Our Manufacturing and Production units offer you a challenging range of tasks which is as exciting as it is varied.

The Heraeus product range is every bit as varied as the areas in which the products are used. Our range of high-quality and custom products and materials includes those used in satellites and fiber optic Internet cables. There are a number of devices that we take for granted in our daily lives in which our products and solutions play an important part – from mobile phones to airbags, components and materials for cardiac pacemakers, automobiles and motorcycles. And that’s only a small selection of how Heraeus products are used on a daily basis.

For everyone working in our Manufacturing and Production unit, variety is the order of the day. You will be working with colleagues from different divisions and interacting with our experts at other locations – both at home and abroad.

Production at Heraeus frequently means bringing a number of different single components together to form complex assemblies and sub-assemblies. So, precision, a keen eye and team spirit are all important factors.